Thursday, December 6, 2012

He is

Todd and I wrote a poem that I read at the MEND Candlelight Christmas Ceremony. This ceremony is a time to remember each of our children in Heaven as we each get up and say our children's names and light a candle to remember them. This candlelight ceremony is a beautiful, quiet time to focus on God and remember the amazing miracle of His birth. We take the time to turn our eyes to the Lord so that even though the pain of losing our children is always there, we can draw close to the comfort of God. 

He is
          You orchestrated the moment my child’s life began
          What a beautiful baby you created inside me
          From you all of life flows
Knowing One,
          You counted all the hairs on my child’s head
          You were there when my baby was ushered into Heaven
          You have seen the pain in my heart
Wonderful Counselor,
          You have been the ears of my grief
Prince of Peace,
          You give me serenity in the midst of agony
          Inside your walls there is safety and comfort
          I know that you are always with me
          You mend the desperate soul
          Without your help, where would I be?
          Your love is extravagant and infinite.
Everlasting Father,
          Wrapped in your love, my child rests in your arms.
          Because of you, I will see my child again.

By: Todd and Stormy Mitchell

My candle lit to remember all the babies who have gone before us, for our tiny Avery and our sweet little love Gideon. 


Lori said...

Beautiful. xoxoxoxo

Nat said...

That's beautiful Stormy!