Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Silas!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my 2nd born son, Silas.
 I love you more than I can say! You are hilarious and so very smart. You make mommy and daddy laugh every single day. We can have full conversations with you. You are very silly and will run around and dance. You say "I'm fast!" You love Team Umizoomi, Mickey Mouse and Blues Clues best. You like to say "Bot is nice, Blue is nice, Steve is nice. Pete is nice." Pete is your favorite character on MMCH and Bot is your favorite on Umizoomi. You love to color and draw and you know you shapes and colors. You like to yell "school bus!" when you see one on the road, and you name all the animals and their sounds.You also love popcorn more than any other human I have seen! You still love baseball and other sports and you have been able to throw with almost perfect accuracy for an entire year and you can hit of a tee and catch balls. You finally love animals. You love to play with your cousins and you especially like Eke, Wiv, Beedy, PeePee and Caca (Zeke, Olivia Brady, Payton and Sky).I love hearing your laugh and your smile lights up a room.You are stubborn, independent and full of energy. Sometimes I look at you and I can see your big brother in the way you look and it makes me smile. You love snuggles and kisses and you tell me "I love you" and your voice sounds so sweet. You know Gideon  and you give his pictures kisses. You say his name "Didin," its very adorable.
I love you! You have no idea what you mean to us. There is something about you that is so special. God has big plans for your life. He will use you in many ways in your life to bring Him glory. I know and believe deep in my soul that He will do great things through you.
Your daddy and I are so proud of you.

Love forever and ever,

I cant believe that he is 2. Two years ago at 9:10pm, I delivered him and held a beautiful screaming baby in my arms, just one day shy of 11 months after his brother was born. I am so so blessed to be the mommy of 2 very special boys.

Here are some pictures I took for his 2nd year. The bear in his picture is our Gideon bear from Molly Bears that weighs what Gideon did when he was born. Silas kept saying "That my bear." It was so cute.