Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Surprise

Merry Christmas!!!!

We have some exciting news!!

Gideon and Silas are big brothers!!!!

It really is a miracle. We are so happy!!!!!!

Please pray for us. Please pray for our pregnancy. Please pray that everything is healthy with this pregnancy!

Now, usually I never announce my pregnancies this soon. With our first pregnancy I didn't announce it at all except to family and close friends. We lost that baby through early miscarriage. With Gideon I waited to announce until I was 8 weeks and had gotten an ultrasound and we saw a heartbeat. With Silas I was about 15 weeks and we had gotten many ultrasounds and we were fairly confident things would be ok. With this pregnancy, I am now 6 weeks pregnant. 

My EDD is August 20, 2015. 

The reason I am announcing so early is because I truly covet prayers. Also, I want the people I love to celebrate with us!!! I want our family and friends to be excited about this blessing that has come into our lives. No matter how long it lasts. No matter what happens we want to celebrate this new life that God created! Todd and I want to bask in the miracle of this with our friends and family!!!!!

I have had one ultrasound and things are mostly looking good. There is one complication so please, please be praying for that. Please pray that everything is healthy and perfect!! 

We are so excited! As you all know, we struggle with infertility due to my PCOS. So this pregnancy is such a miracle!! Just as my other 3 pregnancies! Just like Gideon and Silas are miracles to me. Just me getting pregnant is a huge feat! I have almost no chance of getting pregnant, statistically and medically. But I dont believe in statistics. God can do ANYTHING!!!! 

Todd and I are over the moon! Silas keeps saying "I want a baby brodder." 

When I took the pregnancy test and it was positive, I just started laughing. I couldn't stop. I just laughed!!! Todd was at work and so I made Silas a "Big Brother" shirt and made a "Biggest Brother" shirt for our Gideon bear. That evening when he got home, Silas was wearing his shirt and Todd walked into our house and I told him to look at Silas' shirt and he did and he said "Oh, big brother." It had not clicked in his head yet. I said "You know what that means!?!" Then he said "OH!!!" And he smiled and looked shocked! 

He is already completely in love. And I was totally in love the moment 2 lines popped up.

The day I had my ultrasound last week, I couldn't stop laughing! I still periodically just burst out in fits of giggles because I am in such awe of God! 

Thank you all for your prayers and your celebration with us!!! Please pray for us and the complication with the pregnancy. 

Pray for peace to be with us and that fear does not creep in and take hold. We know that anything can happen. We know all too well the reality that is the death of a child. We know that in August we might not be bringing home a child. We know what can happen. But even knowing what can happen, we are going to trust God. No matter what, He will hold us and sustain us. 

We hope you have a very wonderful Christmas and your new year is filled with many moments when you feel and know that the Lord is close to you. He came to this earth and we can have a relationship  with Him. I pray that today and every day we all draw close to Him and focus on Him. He is the Creator of all life and miracles.

"For everything God created is good..." 1 Timothy 4:4

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Patty Eaton said...

I just had a major moment of goosebumps. I join you in this celebration! You know I do. I know that God is our friend. He is celebrating too. Just think of it. He's smiling from ear to ear and grabbing you and dancing across the floor, and then embracing you with such a warm and celebratory hug. And he says to you. I am so happy because you are happy. And I want you to know, I am here , present, during this whole wonderful experience. I'm your peace. I'm your rock. I'm your high tower and mother stormy, I'm not leaving for a second.

I pray much love, much peace, much joy over your entire household in Jesus name. Amen.

Love you.