Monday, May 22, 2017

Gideon's 6th Birthday

On May 17th Gideon would have turned 6 years old if he was still here with us. But 6 years ago on that day, he was born still. This year we celebrated his life in so many different ways. The first being that we put a birthday tribute in the MEND newsletter, like we do every year. Todd wrote his tribute this year. It is perfect. We also put in a tribute for our little baby Avery who we lost through miscarriage in May of 2008.

I also shared some new pictures of him that I have never shared before on my facebook. Look at my beautiful boy.

We spent the weekend before his birthday getting family photos and the day of his actual birthday, we had a family day at the zoo. Perfect way to remember this little boy who changed us for the better. We used our Gideon bear that weighs what we weighed and his picture. Though our family isn't really complete, this way all 3 of our boys are represented in our photos.  

I wrote these words on my facebook on May 15th, the 6th anniversary of when he died inside of me. I don't know what else to say now, so I will write what I did then...
The day you left us was the day everything changed. I miss you with all that I am. We love you, Gideon. More than words can express. Until I see you, to hug and kiss you again...On that day, I will joyously wrap you in my arms and it will be as of we were never apart.

We love you beyond the moon and the stars.